Events around PyCon AU 2018

This year there are no officially organised conference events besides the conference itself, with the exception of the First Timers’ Orientation Session.

We have left it open to attendees to organise social events organically. If you are organising a session and using the conference hashtag or attendee Slack to promote it, please make an effort to include PyCon AU newcomers.

There are several types of events that we have provided space for you to organise, which are described below.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces (also known as Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions) are a way for conference attendees to self-organise around shared topics and interests. These sessions often run for half an hour to an hour, and can cover topics as broad as LGBTQI meet-and-greets, microPython enthusiasm, Python in games, or sewing pockets into clothing. You are only limited by your imagination!

Open Spaces are usually held in the hallways of the conference venue, or occasionally in a lecture room if there are no active talks at that time (e.g. during lunch breaks).

How do I run an Open Space?

You can organise an Open Space in the #openspaces channel in the attendee Slack. You can also tweet about your Open Space using the #pyconau hashtag.

Choose a place in the conference venue where 10-20 people could comfortably gather and hold a discussion without disturbing others. ICC has large hallways that should be able to host several clusters of Open Spaces at one time. We have exclusive use of Level 3 of the ICC, and there are some common areas on the ground floor with seating areas. Any other room in the venue is contracted out to other events, so please do not wander the building looking for space.

Sometimes nearby cafés are also a good place for Open Spaces. Just make sure they are close enough that people can get back to the venue in time for the next talk.

Open Space etiquette

Please make a note of what other Open Spaces are running at the same time as yours, and try to choose a time and place that does not conflict with another Open Space. To best include people as they arrive we recommend using the Pacman method, which involves leaving a person-sized gap in your standing or seating arrangements to give the new person an obvious place to be included.

Don’t gatekeep - if someone decides to turn up to your Open Space, they are allowed to be there!

Stick to the pre-announced time and place of your Open Space. If things change (i.e. you discover the space is not available, or you are running late), please announce this clearly in the attendee Slack #openspaces channel and the #pyconau hashtag.

Dinners, Breakfasts, and Drinks

If you would like to organise a dinner with other conference attendees, you can do so in the #socialising channel in the official attendee Slack. You can also tweet about your plans with the #pyconau hashtag.

Conferences are a great chance to meet new people! When using the conference hashtag or Slack to promote events like dinners, breakfasts, or drinks, please make sure to include PyCon AU newcomers or people from outside your group of friends to the event. If you only want to have a gathering with your friends, please organise this privately. The assumption is that if you use the conference hashtag or Slack to talk about your event, it is open to all conference attendees.

Conduct Expectations

Please be aware that the PyCon AU Code of Conduct applies to all Open Spaces and conference-adjacent events. Be mindful of your behaviour around other conference attendees, particularly if alcohol is being served.

Any issues at these events can be reported to the PyCon AU Code of Conduct committee and will be treated with the same gravity as if they had happened in the conference venue.