Saturday August 25 2018, C3.6, 11:50 AEST

Spreadsheets files are great for sharing data. Spreadsheet applications can be a nightmare. In this updated talk, you’ll see how OpenPyXL let’s you work with those files in a way that’s better than using the app OR a .csv. I’ll also discuss common problems in working with spreadsheets via code.

Spreadsheet applications are OFTEN terrible. But spreadsheet files are everywhere! As one of the default forms of data exchange, learning to work with spreadsheet files directly via Python can save time and effort. We’ll look at Openpyxl, a library that lets you do just that. We’ll look at at two different example cases: transforming one spreadsheet into another spreadsheet and converting a spreadsheet into JSON. These two examples will showcase how you can automate what had previously been manual tasks.

I’ll also use my experience as a former accountant to highlight some of the issues around reading from and writing to a spreadsheet file and how you might deal with them.

New and experienced developers will get a potential new use case for Python, which can be used across a wide variety of situations. You MAY even learn to make new friends and grow the Python community! True Story!

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Kojo Idrissa

Kojo Idrissa
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Kojo Idrissa was an accountant who got an MBA and taught at university in two different countries. He’s now a new(ish) software engineer. Besides his family and friends, he likes teaching, helping new contributors join tech communities, inclusion, Python, Django, and many aspects of east Asian culture (武俠小說, 漫画, 한류). He’s spoken at tech conferences about what new software engineers need to know, spreadsheets, contributing to tech communities, Dungeons & Dragons, inclusion and privilege. You can find him online at or as @transition on Twitter.