Saturday August 25 2018, C3.4 & C3.5, 14:50 AEST

Samuel L Jackson might be sick of snakes on planes, but I can’t get enough of them in my games! Come join this talk and you too may be saying “I can’t get enough of these monkey fighting snakes in my Monday through Friday games!”[TV edit]

When thinking about where to start with python and games, the first thing that might come to mind is pygame. However, python has been used in many well known commercial games titles and can be used in many different ways throughout the game development process. This talk will examine a range of game titles, genres and platforms, from AAA to Indie, to show how python is being used in each; discussing the strength and weaknesses of using python, how it has been done, and how it might be in the future.

This won’t give a direct answer on how to build a game in python, but should cover useful information and examples of how python is already used for planning, building, extending, and maintaining games.

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