Sunday August 26 2018, C3.4 & C3.5, 14:10 AEST

What information do social media websites really collect and store about you? I will show you how to access that data from a few different social media pages and analyse it for your own use, even if you’ve never used python data analytics tools before!

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With the recent introduction of the GDPR requirement to be able to access your own data, a lot of websites have started improving the ability for users to investigate what information is stored about them. Websites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to download information about your actions, login history and more.

I’ll show you how to access your own data on sites like this, as well as how I learnt to use the rich data analytics and visualisation tools offered in Python. You should leave with an awareness of how websites’ structures affect usage, how to learn to analyse and show usage patterns in Python, and some fun cool anecdotes about tweets, reactions and 40-person private message groups.


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Caitlin Macleod

Caitlin Macleod

I’m a software developer recently graduated from university. I like talking to people in person and on Twitter!