Sunday August 26 2018, C3.6, 11:10 AEST

Coding is a creative process. But we don’t really learn about creativity, usually it’s all exception handling and Big O complexity. This talk is about introspection and calm coding in the face of long stack traces. Also, I’ll be doing a live watercolour painting at the same time.

I do watercolour painting as a hobby. I noticed that while I was painting, some of the thought patterns and the feelings I had were very similar to how I felt when working on coding projects. Using watercolour as a talking point, I will draw parallels to software engineering, and reflect on what it means to do creative work. I will share some of my experiences with mental health, and what this means for me day-to-day.

What I hope you will get from this talk:

  • A chance to introspect on how you feel while you work
  • To use this reflection as a way to improve the efficacy of how you work
  • New ways to communicate with yourself and others about how you feel and what you need
  • A sense of belonging and self assurance from hearings stories that may be similar to your own

Watch 'Reflections on the Creative Process - Illustrated with Watercolour Painting' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Grace Nolan

Grace Nolan

Grace is a Security Engineer at Google working in Detection & Response. She is the Chief Eyes Emoji on the Security Surveillance Team. Her role is to notice hackers attempting to do bad things at Google, and to write automated detection and response systems (think: designs inspired by traps in Home Alone movies but, like, in the digital realm). She likes watercolour painting in her spare time, and furiously introspecting about absolutely anything and everything.