Friday August 24 2018, DjangoCon AU Track, C3.3, 17:20 AEST

Django is a robust framework by design, and embodies many good security practices. But why and how do Django sites get hacked anyway? What can we do about it? And why are wizards involved?

Come and learn how to defend your Django app by taking a deep dive into the defences implemented by Professor Dumbledore against Lord Voldemort and his cronies. We’ll examine threat modelling, defence in depth, disaster recovery, mitigating common vulnerabilities, and how to avoid your best efforts being bypassed by an eleven-year-old with a keyboard or a copy of “Hogwarts, A History”.

Warning: this talk will contain spoilers for the Harry Potter books.

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Lilly Ryan

Lilly Ryan
DjangoCon AU Invited Speaker

Lilly Ryan is a pen tester, Python wrangler, and recovering historian from Melbourne. She writes and speaks internationally about ethical software, social identities after death, teamwork, and the telegraph. More recently she has researched the domestic use of arsenic in Victorian England, attempted urban camouflage, reverse engineered APIs, wielded the Oxford comma, and baked a really good lemon and coconut cake.