Sunday August 26 2018, C3.3, 11:50 AEST

Have you ever eavesdropped on FP developers talking about programming and wondered which planet you landed on? I attended LambdaJam 2018 and felt your pain! Let’s demystify Either, Semigroups, Monoids, Functors, Monads, Traversable, Natural transformations etc. by implementing them in Python.

I attended LambdaJam 2018 in Sydney and felt completely lost. I could barely follow what was talked about.

A fellow attendee had possibly been in my shoes the year before and told me he was enlightened by Professor Frisby:

I ported all of Professor Frisby’s examples to Python to make sense of it all.

In 30 minutes we will cover enough of the FP lingo (explained in Python) so you never ever feel intimidated by a FP conversation!

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Eugene Van den Bulke

Eugene Van den Bulke