Saturday August 25 2018, C3.3, 11:10 AEST

I built an energy monitoring hardware as a hobby. Firmware for configuring, reading metering data and pushing out to IoT platform is done in micropython. Server for holding the data is Graphite (also python) and analysis of the data is done in python ML framework, Keras. End-to-end energy in python.

Energy IoT in Python

This talk presents the development of an open-source (hardware and software) Energy Monitoring system with as much Python as possible. With the firmware written in Micropython (successfully tested on ESP8266 and ESP32 using virtually the same code), Unix port of micropython was used as the dev environment. Data collection platform using the classic Graphite Time-series database and some fun neural-network based analysis of the collected data also in Python with Keras, just to cover AI/ML buzzwords as well.

Watch 'End-to-end Energy Monitoring in Python' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Tisham Dhar

Tisham Dhar
Lori Systems

Non-practicing Electronics Engineer, almost PhD, formerly Remote Sensing and GIS developer,Embedded Systems Enthusiast. Currently building the logistics platform of the future in Africa.