Friday August 24 2018, Internet of Things Track, C3.6, 09:05 AEST

When we decided to foster a rescue dog last year, we had to deliver anti-anxiety medication to the dog while working. We built a drug delivery system using IoT boards, Python and cloud VMs. This talk tells the story how Python turned a crazy idea into a lifesaving DIY project and a foster fail.

At the end of 2017, my partner and I decided to foster a rescue dog. The dog had been treated badly by its previous owner and, as a result, was on anti-anxiety medication on an 8 hour schedule. When the end of the foster time approached, nobody came forward to adopt the dog, and we had to return from leave, we needed a solution to administer the medication to the dog during work hours. Born from a crazy idea, we sourced parts from the local hardware store, used an Onion Omega2+ IoT board and developed Python code to built a custom, remotely controlled medication feeder.

This talk will tell the story of a foster fail, how Python helped to save the life of a rescue dog and how the initial medication feeder grew from a single IoT device into a full Internet of Dog (IoD) madness. I will show the design and implementation of the initial Python-based medication feeder, what we have learned from running it over the summer and how it has continued to grow into a multi IoT device, Python-powered, full dog carer solution. There will be microservice architecture drawings, Python code, and, of course, pictures of the dog!

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Andreas Moll

Andreas Moll
Australian Synchrotron

Andreas is the leader of the software engineering team at the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne. His work comprises the development of data pipelines, management and analysis tools. Before being allowed to spend his days writing Python code and learning about microservices, he had to go through a 6 year Fortran and C++ bootcamp in his PhD. When he is not working, Andreas is being pulled through the neighbourhood by his dog Willow and builds IoT stuff for remotely interacting with Willow.