Sunday August 26 2018, C3.6, 14:10 AEST

In this interactive presentation the audiences phones will be used as stand-in IoT devices streaming data back to the presentation. Using this data we will understand some of the complexities of receiving data from large numbers of distributed devices and techniques for managing this.

Data collection within the Internet of Things is often misunderstood, especially when coming to it for the first time. These issues can be especially hard to visualise. This interactive presentation aims to highlight these issues first hand.

Audience members will be asked to go to a webpage on their phone that reads accelerometer data and transmits it to the presentation. This data will then be used to highlight the issues of collecting a processing data from distributed sensors - what happens when all the data is not received at once and not perfectly in time? what happens if there is an outage? How do you turn all this noise into something tha t can be managed?

Techniques for dealing with these problems will then be demonstrated to find some beauty amongst the data as we process it into a signal that can be used and deal with failures.

Watch 'There is no "now" and sensor data's the worst' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard
Reposit Power

Mike is a full stack developer that has been using Python for the last 6 years. He has spent most of his career working for the public sector in the UK and Australia and now leads development at Reposit Power using Python for just about everything. Passionate about open source and experimenting with new technology as it evolves.