Saturday August 25 2018, C3.4 & C3.5, 11:10 AEST

Finding the most common street name in Australia may sound like a simple thing to do - but it quickly devolves into a scenic tour of all the things that go wrong when doing data analytics. I’ll be giving advice on how to avoid these speed bumps along with how to work with OpenStreetMaps in Python.

The road to finding the most common street name in Australia sounds like it should be straight and narrow. In reality, it’s a tangle of cul-de-sacs, one way streets and dead ends - What is a street name? Do The Avenue, The Grand Parade and The Serpentine all share the same name? And what is a street? Is the M5 Motorway a street? What about M5 Motorway Offramp?

This talk will guide you through finding the answers to the above questions, with many scenic detours enroute. Navigation aids will include Open Street Maps and Python. In particular stops along the way will include, reading in and manipulating Open Street Map data using geopandas; exploring the structure of Open Street Map and creating models for parsing street names.

Join this epic journey of discovery, diversion and dalliance, and delight in the ultimate destination: The revelation of the most common street name in Australia!

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Rachel Bunder

Rachel Bunder
Solar Analytics

Rachel is a data scientist who likes crocheting space shuttles. Rachel generally has a few side projects going on including creating twitter bots, crocheting space shuttles and Napoleonic reenactment.

She is an organiser for Sydney Python and Sydney PyLadies.