Friday August 24 2018, Education Track, C3.4 & C3.5, 11:50 AEST

Purpose is to share how we implemented Python coding at our school for Yrs 7 and 8 on Chromebooks. Challenges, successes and failures.

Python coding on Chromebooks is not native. Need to use other technologies. We used after looking at Jupiter Notebooks and other options. Process to eliminate options required rigorous testing. Identifying curriculum areas where it will the teaching of coding knowledge and skills was the result of mapping content descriptors from each of the Victorian Curriculum areas of Maths, Science and Digital Technologies. Staff professional learning and support was key to ensuring all involved enjoyed the process and thought it was valuable. Support materials was a contentious issues - some staff requiring tutorials, students tasks to be created for them whilst others insisted that development of materials by the teacher was more beneficial. Review of the course implementation - seeking stakeholder feedback resulted in a genuine desire to expand the use of Python coding into other topic areas. Student surveys indicated great success for a variety of reasons.

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John Parlas

John Parlas
Mount Lilydale Mercy College

Teacher of Physics and IT eLearning Leader