Sunday August 26 2018, C3.4 & C3.5, 14:50 AEST

You can easily make them, you’re afraid of them, and they’ll ruin your day. I’m talking about Errors in Python. Why do they exist? Do we really need them? And how do we deal with them instead of panicking when they appear?

For an experienced programmer, Python does an exceptional job at describing errors, but in the eyes of a beginner, they’re completely new and understandably scary.

Come along and gain a better understanding of errors! We’ll talk about their history of errors and why they exist, how to read Python errors, and the basics of handling and making them.

Watch 'When the Python Bites: A Survival Guide to Errors' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Evan Kohilas

Evan Kohilas

Evan is a passionate 3rd year Computer Science & Maths, Student and Tutor at the University of New South Wales.

He loves tutoring Python to high school students through the National Computer Science Summer School, and the NCSS Challenge, and is the Social Events Head of the UNSW Security Society.

You’ll often find him procrastinating by crashing lectures he’s not enrolled in, nomming on subway cookies and chasing bunny rabbits.