Friday August 24 2018, Internet of Things Track, C3.6, 16:00 AEST

Everything you need is out there, you just have to go out and get it. IoT has opened up a new world of connection for me - human connection. The keys? Some sensors, a slipper and a heap of passion.

I’m a career changer who wanted to learn about hardware but didn’t know where to start. After trawling the internet for inspiration, I found it in my non-tech love: ballet. This talk takes you through the initial struggles of figuring out how to start, learning to ask for help (the how and what), the project itself, and what I learned about myself along the way.

My IoT journey has also had the unexpected benefit of igniting the interests of the non-tech people in my life and has helped to address the disconnect I had felt with the people from my pre-tech life. Who knew that attaching a sensor to a slipper could do all that?

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Michelle Erica Lo

Michelle Erica Lo

Michelle is a junior software developer from Sydney. Last year, she left her career in risk management behind to enter the world of coding, where she discovered a marvelous world of creativity and problem-solving. When she’s not debugging, she’s testing her physical and mental limits through ballet and bouldering.