Sunday August 26 2018, C3.6, 14:50 AEST

Volunteers love running beginning coding workshops/tutorials. We’ll look at how to make a tutorial more accessible for all attendees. The talk incorporates what I learned as a teacher and offers testing for your workshops/tutorials.

Volunteers often love running programming tutorial/workshops. We’ll look at how to make your tutorial/workshop more accessible for attendees and tips that help them stay relaxed and learn effectively. The talk incorporates what I learned as a teacher and includes a new source of help in revising material. While this talk will be focusing on making your tutorial accessible to beginners, however, the tips given can be applied to tutorials/workshops of all levels.

We will be covering optimizing the presentation of tutorials/workshops, language used, tips for when you have more attendees than you know how to handle, tips for conference organizers, and tips for attendees.

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Nicholle James

Nicholle James

With a degree in Mathematics and a passion for programming, I work on projects from data science to artistic endeavors. I am passionate about creating a community that is accessible to beginners and do so by helping to organize DjangoConUS 2018 and meet-ups for PyLadies in San Francisco as well as speaking at conferences. Ask me questions about my talks and other work at