Friday August 24 2018, DjangoCon AU Track, C3.3, 16:40 AEST

Want to up your design skills? This presentation will give you the building blocks you need to make better designs for your websites and presentations. Aimed at design beginners and developers.

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Even if you consider yourself not a designer, you’ll still be placed in situations where you have to do some design. A personal website, a landing page for your open-source project, slides for a presentation at work…

This presentation is geared towards design beginners, defining the stepping stones you need to understand the basics of visual and user experience design, and shortcuts you can use to give yourself a boost and get your designs made more quickly.

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Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn
Hello Web Books

Tracy Osborn is a designer, developer, and entreprenerd living in Toronto, Canada. She’s the author of Hello Web Books, as well as the creator of WeddingLovely. She’s also an avid outdoorswoman and would love to go on a hike with you.