Friday August 24 2018, Internet of Things Track, C3.6, 11:50 AEST

Python is widely used in embedded applications due to its simplicity. Raspberry pi (pi came from the Python!) and Beagle Bone which are commonly used in embedded applications are programmed using Python and run on Debian Linux platform.

Since Python is an open source programming language, it can be easily modified and used according to our own purpose.It creates a wide usage of Python in embedded area.Embedded boards such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone are programmed using Python and run on Linux Debian platform.Raspian is one of the widely used Linux platform on Raspberry Pi.The talk would be about the support provided by Python and Debian for embedded application.

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Jaminy Prabaharan

Jaminy Prabaharan

Jaminy is an embedded engineer and an open source enthusiast with some talks in international conferences such as as OSCON- London, DevFest- GDG, Silicon valley, WikiToLearn India conference, mini debconf- Japan, FOSDEM, OSCAL , and open source summit-Japan .She pitched her idea in August-Fest, Asia’s largest start-up conference.She has been introduced to the open source in FOSSASIA summit 2016-Singapore where she presented one of her project. She was also selected for Google Summer of Code and presented the project in DebConf-CapeTown. She is currently volunteering as organization administrator and mentor for Google Summer of Code with Debian. She has been awarded as “woman-in tech” and “female innovator “ due to the outstanding performance in technology.