Friday August 24 2018, Security and Privacy Track, Cockle Bay, 13:30 AEST

My friend gave me permission to “hack all her stuff” and this is my story. It’s about what I tried, what worked, my many flubs, and how easy it is to compromise Non Paranoid People TM.

Yep so I asked my friend if I could hack her and she said yes. This is about what worked, what went wrong, all the flubs I made, the critical business services of LinkedIn, and how to not suffer the same fate as her. Also Mario’s green brother is there, and then that part takes a sinister turn.

Come along and learn about what it takes to hack a Regular User these days, how to protect your users, and how to protect yourself.

Watch 'Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing' on PyCon AU's YouTube account



Alex is your best friend, your conference attendee, and your sweet mango boy. He works at Atlassian in sweet Sydney, writing code to catch hackers. He writes incredible dumb content at

“When I met Alex as a baby, it gave me the idea for Luigi” - Shigeru Miyamoto