Sunday August 26 2018, Cockle Bay, 16:00 AEST

Lightning talks are 5 minute talks. You have 5 minutes. 5 shall be the number, and the number shall be 5. 6 is too much.

More information about the logistics around submitting lightning talks will be made available closer to the conference.

We will be taking submissions for lightning talks by any conference attendee on any topic.

We will not accept sales talks or vendor pitches.

Watch 'Sunday Lightning Talks' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Lightning Talk Tzar

Lightning Talk Tzar
Lightning Timer Inc.

The Lightning Talk Tzar is the Master of Ceremonies for a session of Lightning talks. Their skills include introducing the current speaker, pre-announcing the next speaker (getting them to start their setup), starting timers, and leading the crowd in a rousing applause should the timer reach ‘0:00’.