Missed the opening announcements? We’ve collected the important information here.



You can buy a shirt from today. Stocks are based on what sizes/cuts are still available.

Please check with registration to see if your size/cut is available, then go to our Tickets page to buy a shirt online. Then, show rego your completed purchase to get your shirt.

Lightning Talk - Submission Tips

Front of card: Name, title of talk Back of card: information for helping with selection of your talk, a brief abstract, TLDR, dotpoints, just something helpful. PLUS a contactable email address.


Here are some quick notes from Saturday Morning’s opening.

Need Help?

Look for the folks with green adornments.

Green Lanyards: Conduct/Safety Team, Organisers

Green Bandanas: Volunteers

Lightning Talks

Submissions accepted are being divided by First-Time Speakers and Experienced Speakers

Submissions are due by the end of Lunch

Curation will be completed by our Lightning Talk Tzar, to be announced on the pinboard at registration before afternoon tea, and copied to Slack and Twitter.

If selected, please ensure seated near the front of the room, or on an aisle, when entering Cockle Bay for the Saturday afternoon Invited Speaker talk.


Enthusiasts, Professionals and Contributor ✨ ticket holders who selected a shirt size when buying your ticket, please collect your shirt before the end of lunch Saturday

Those with unassigned shirts (later registrations), please pickup your shirts Saturday afternoon.

Shirt swaps and leftover sales will be available on Sunday.

Self-Organised Dinner

Have dinner with attendees, make new friends! More information

Pronoun Stickers

Explainer, as shared by Rhydwyn: http://quakeroutreach.com/resources/pronoun-stickers/

Bathrooms and Sanitary Kits

North and South of Level 3 have bathrooms: those with stalls, and those with urinals and stalls.

Use the one that you feel most comfortable in.

Sanitary kits in each bathroom contain helpful items such as hand sanitiser, sanitary items, single-use toothbrushes, tissues, lozengers and more. Please only use what you need, and leave some or others. Something out of stock? Ask an Organiser/Volunteer in C3.2 for more!

Quiet Room

C3.1, near North side Bathrooms

Lost and Found

C3.2 Organiser & AV Room, near Lounges


QR Code for signup at Regsitration. Attendees only.

Jobs Board

#jobs on Slack, Whitebaord at Registration